Condition specific modules

The following modules are offered to support workforce development as part of our  Community and Primary Care education contract and the Advanced Practice education contract with Health Education England (HEE).

As these modules are commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) you may be eligible for funding through your employing trust. Please visit the module page for more information on how to apply.

Please note that some of these modules are run in partnership with NHS Trusts - further information can be found on the module web pages.

A to Z condition-specific module list

Advanced assessment for clinical practice (masters level)

Advanced critical reflection, risk and decision-making (masters level)

Advanced newborn and infant examination (APL) (degree and masters level)

Advanced psychosocial assessment and formulation (degree and masters level)

Advancing practice in context (masters level)

Advancing the care and support of the person with dementia and their carer (degree and masters level)

Advancing the management of long term conditions (degree and masters level)

Assessment, management and escalation of the acutely ill adult (degree and masters level)

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - management in primary care (degree level)

Cardiovascular disease and stroke management in primary care (degree level)

CBT interventions for mental health professionals (psychosis) (degree and masters level)

Clinical assessment and management in neurology (masters level)

Clinical skills in community and primary care (degree and masters level)

Contemporary issues in the care of the newborn (degree level)

Developing expertise in clinical practice (degree and masters level)

Diabetes mellitus (degree and masters level)

Enhanced knowledge and skills in children's high dependency care (degree and masters level)

Enhancing end of life care and palliative care practice (degree and masters level)

Enhancing practice in chronic pulmonary conditions (masters level)

Facilitating collaborative patient management and flow (degree and masters level)

Integrated advancing practice in context (degree level)

Integrated community and primary care in context  (degree and masters level)

Integrated community and primary care practice (degree and masters level)

Intensive care for the neonate (degree level)

Leadership and innovation  (degree and masters level)

Management of children and young people requiring urgent or emergency care (masters level)

Managing clinical complexity (masters level)

Mental health assessment in urgent, emergency and acute care (degree and masters level)

Minor illness and injuries - the principles and practice of management for unscheduled care (degree and masters level)

Pathomechanics and rehabilitation of gait and balance (masters level)

Perinatal mental health (degree and masters level)

Rehabilitation: Cognition, perception and behaviour (masters level)

Supporting the needs of the frail older person (degree and masters level)

The child or young person requiring urgent or emergency care (degree and masters level)

The child and young person with mental health needs (degree and masters level)

The fundamentals of health assessment (degree and masters level)

Understanding evidence to inform clinical decision making (degree level)

Working with people with a diagnosis of personality disorder (degree and masters level)