Oral health services research

About us

The Dental School’s research mission is to act to address health inequalities in line with Plymouth University’s mission of advancing knowledge and transforming lives through education and research. This is embedded within the context that oral health is a key domain of general health and that our school is primary care based, which is the setting in which the overwhelming majority of dental care is provided within the UK.

Specific areas of research interest within our group include systematic reviews, research priority setting methodology and clinical decision making in dental environment. One of our key areas of research interest is in inequalities in oral health including oral cancer and evidence based dentistry.

Baby Dental Care project

Plymouth University Peninsula Dental School is partnering with Livewell South West in this early phase study. The study examines whether by accessing first time parents and their infants through the Family Nurse Partnership model, an intervention can be delivered to improve the oral health of children in populations at high risk of poor oral health.

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Current postgraduate students

We are keen to encourage and support post graduate research within the team. Current PhD’s and ResM's under supervision include:

  • Zoe Allen – Exploring the referral interface between general dental practice and salaried dental services
  • Ian Mills – Delivery of patient centred care in general dental practice within the NHS
  • Nicole Thomas – Preliminary investigation of the effectiveness of an intervention to prevent oral disease in a highly vulnerable child population.
  • Martha Paisi – Obesity and dental caries in children in Plymouth
  • Zoe Harrington – The impact of childhood health and behaviour on the oral health of a cohort of young adults
  • Anastasios Plesssas – The impact of stress on the practice of dentistry
  • Maria Bernardes Delgado – Oral health and palliative care in the UK

Current postgraduate students