Welcome to LABplus

The lab contains the following equipment and features:

  • laptop computers
  • compound microscopes
  • stereo microscopes
  • microscope cameras
  • flexible desk space
  • portable screen for presentations
  • Wi-Fi
  • printing and photocopying

The lab also contains resource boxes that have been specially designed to support individual modules within the following schools:

For a list of all the resource boxes currently available in LABplus and how to find them, please visit the resources page.

LABplus schools outreach

LABplus hosts a wide variety of outreach activities throughout the year. The unique flexible laboratory space offers visitors the chance to engage with science activities without the risks associated with a conventional laboratory. Examples of the activities we offer are:

  • human anatomy
  • human skeleton
  • DNA sequencing
  • exploring your senses
  • climate and sea level change
  • floating boats
  • marine species identification
  • terrestrial species identification.

If you would like more information on outreach in LABplus, discuss what activities we offer or arrange a visit, please contact the outreach team at outreach@plymouth.ac.uk.

Internal staff

LABplus currently has a wide variety of resource boxes that have been developed with academic and technical staff to support a particular module/field trip/laboratory session. Each resource contains background information on the topic, physical materials or specimens (e.g. rock samples, invertebrate specimens or histology slides), and an activity students can work through. These resources are often developed to complement formal teaching, assist with revision or for students to practice skills before and after a field trip or lab practical. A full list of the resources developed is available on the resources page.

New resource boxes are under constant development and we are always looking for new ideas and ways we can support teaching and learning.  If you feel your students would benefit from a LABplus resource or have an idea for a new resource box please contact either the LABplus technician or the academic representative from your school.

LABplus Technician:

Academic representatives:

  • Alison Stokes - Chair of LABplus Development Group
  • Colin Wilkins - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences representative
  • Andy Foggo and Pete Cotton - School of Marine Science and Engineering representative
  • John Moody - School of Biological Science representative  
  • Andy Evenden - School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences representative
  • Andrew Kent - Faculty Technical and Physical Resources Manager