- Frequently asked questions

Who can access
Current students and staff may access If you do not have access and feel you should, please contact the TIS Service Desk at +44 1752 588588 or via IT Self Service.

Who should I contact if I can’t sign in?
Contact the TIS Sevice Desk at +44 1752 588588 or via IT Self Service. Please put in the subject line of your support call.

What are the minimum machine requirements for using provide documentation on system requirements.

What URL do I use to access
You can also go directly to and select sign in. You will be asked to enter your organisation’s domain ‘‘ and then be required to enter your University account credentials.

Do I need to create a account?
No. You need only your University of Plymouth username and password to access the courses.

How do I directly link to a course or tutorial?
Click the 'Share' button to obtain a direct link to a course or video.
Note: While links to courses will not change, links to individual movies may change at any time.

Can I bookmark my current location in
Yes, via the bookmarks symbol next to each video title.

Can I access my training history?
Yes. You have access to several reports under the top menu, including recent activity, your video history, and your course history.

Can I obtain 'Certificates of Completion' for completed courses?
Yes. When you finish a course by watching every tutorial in the course, you can receive a certificate of completion. You may print the certificate, e-mail it, or embed your certificate in a blog post or web page including your LinkedIn profiles. These are the best ways to ensure authenticity of the certificate.

Can I use on mobile devices?
An app is available for iOS and Android devices which allows you to download courses suitable for offline learning.

How do I use the app for my iOS device?

What happens to my playlists and digital certificates when I leave the University?
You must download all of your data before leaving the institution. Unfortunately when your University account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to utilise the service.

If you would like to continue using after you leave the institution, you can sign up for a consumer account by contacting the customer services where your details may be migrated to a new account.