Rong Huang

Rong Huang is Associate Professor in Tourism Marketing in the School of Tourism and Hospitality. She has been chosen as the academic staff member of the Board of Governors elected by and from the Academic Board. This formally reinstates the important governance link between Academic Board and the Board of Governors.

Starting in Plymouth in 2005, Rong has been involved with different educational development projects and helped the Faculty of Business, and also the wider University, to enhance the quality of student learning. Rong was awarded a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in January 2013. She has been an Executive Member of the Association for Tourism in Higher Education in the UK since December 2014. Rong’s own experience as an international student in the UK makes her a strong believer in the internationalisation of education. She has drawn on her PhD research, in the understanding of Chinese international students and the nature of their experiences, to actively promote research and scholarship through, for example, university-wide workshops and through national and international conferences.

Rong has been an external advisor to many international programme approvals and also as an external examiner for other British universities since 2008. She has been extensively involved in transnational programmes (in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Greece) run by British universities. Rong has been an associate of the Quality Assurance Agency Enterprise (UK) since December 2013. She was appointed as an international expert for the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education of Lithuania and also the Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency (EKKA) where she reviewed relevant subject areas.