Turn your visit green

Green travel plan

As part of our commitment to sustainability we’re working across campus and beyond to minimise the impact of car travel. By teaming up with public transport operators and Plymouth City Council, we’ve put together our Green Travel Plan.

Green as a first choice

As well as improving public spaces and encouraging the ethos of putting pedestrians first, and following extensive staff and student surveys, we’re developing a range of incentives to make travelling to campus without a car easier and more cost-effective. 

What can visitors do?

As a visitor to University of Plymouth, you can make an important difference by:

  • Choosing to travel to the University by public transport
  • Making the most of campus cycling facilities
  • Opting for car sharing or Park and Ride 

Visitors’ Green Charter

Can you help us achieve our environmental goals? Our Visitors’ Green Charter sets out how everyone can play their part.

When visiting our campus, we ask that you help by: 

  • Reducing energy waste by switching off lights and IT equipment and closing windows if the heating is on 
  • Travelling by public transport whenever possible 
  • Shopping locally to help support communities close by
  • Using the recycle bins provided
  • Looking after our campus and local environment – not littering, minimising noise and using footpaths and cycleways responsibly.

If you have a question or an idea you’d like to share, please get in touch with us at sustainability@plymouth.ac.uk

Green travel

At Plymouth we’re serious about sustainability. In line with our green travel plan we’re encouraging people to find alternatives to using cars (unless it’s essential because of a disability).

The University has a long-standing commitment to the protection of the environment.

Green travel