Jonathan Hope - BDS Dental Surgery graduate

" I owe everything to do with my career to the dental school."

I now work as a general dentist in Plymouth and I’m working towards an MSc in endodontics. I genuinely find the day to day aspect of relieving pain and treating patients the best part of my job. As a dentist I feel job satisfaction is very high.

I owe everything to do with my career to the dental school. The staff, facilities and the teaching is world class. Even though it is a relatively new school compared to others in the UK, it is starting to show in the league tables just how good it is.

Working with patients from virtually the beginning of the course will always be a good memory. That early interaction paved the way for not only my communication skills to develop but also my clinical techniques to improve.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone. I can obviously only speak for the dental school but I do not have a bad word to say about the course or my time at Plymouth University. I'm originally from the North West and I enjoyed it so much I stayed here.

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