Portfolio advice with BA (Hons) Fine Art

Make the most of the opportunity to excel in your portfolio – you could be eligible for an unconditional offer.

We want to acknowledge your potential (as evidenced by your performance), as well as your commitment to us as an applicant. An unconditional offer allows you to focus on your upcoming examinations and begin planning for your university career.

For more information please contact admissions@plymouth.ac.uk

Your portfolio should be a well-presented collection of work that contains something that shows you’re unique, creative and imaginative.

You can include sketchbooks, ideas sheets and any samples to show how your ideas have developed into your final pieces. Examples of writing are useful to show your research skills and ability to communicate.

If you have any large three-dimensional objects, you can use photographs to display these in your portfolio.

Looking at your portfolio, we hope to discover:

  • creativity
  • enthusiasm
  • something that shows a real interest in the course
  • your drawing ability
  • practical skills
  • research skills (through writing and other activities)
  • visual communication skills
  • your ability to develop ideas.

You don't need to bring all of your work, just a good representative collection that will show us your potential. Remember – you have to carry it here, and you’ll only have 20–30 minutes to talk through it – so be selective.

Getting here

Arrive early and make sure that you know where you’re going; there's nothing worse than arriving late, stressed and flustered.