Balance Enhancement and Ulcer Prevention in Diabetes

The Balance Enhancement and Ulcer Prevention (BEUP) group

Our long-term aim is to translate the results from our published research to influence and inform everyday clinical practice to focus on the problems faced by people with diabetes and neuropathy.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Neuropathy affects 50% of people who have diabetes. Clinical signs of those affected by diabetic neuropathy include loss of feeling in the feet, lower limb muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Problems associated with these changes include increased risk of foot ulceration and subsequent amputation, reduced balance and increased incidence of falls

Who are in the Team?

The group involves researchers, podiatrists, physiotherapists and people with diabetes. Together we apply specialist knowledge of diabetic foot ulcer management, foot pressure analysis, orthotic design, balance problems and walking disorders.

Our research

The team has secured grants in excess of one million pounds in collaboration with industry, other universities, and the NHS. Current studies in the portfolio include an automated 3D-printed insole, a novel balance enhancement insole, research examining balance control in people with diabetes and a clinical trial testing pressure data guided insoles.