ION Studio

Creative opportunity

ION Studio provides an opportunity for businesses and organisations to collaborate with the best creative design talent in the South West.

The studio combines design professionals and graduating students from the School of Art, Design and Architecture to offer a fresh, enthusiastic approach to a range of multi-disciplinary collaborative design services, supported by a team of academic-practitioners and with access to cutting-edge resources and technology.

This collaboration between business and academia provides a unique opportunity to achieve original, unexpected design solutions.

Studio services

The studio provides a range of design services, which can be tailored to fit your project and budget. We can draw on design and research expertise in the following areas: digital, building and conceptual design, film and video, graphic design, 3D, product and spatial design, illustration and photography. Whatever your project requires we can build a team to deliver it.

The studio accommodates short projects where a team of accomplished graduates and academics work together to solve a specific design problem. Examples include: graphic design, print, video, web, logo, brand and corporate identity, product design, 3D CAD modelling and prototyping, product visualisations, interior design and spatial planning.

We also welcome larger-scale research and development projects that require an in-depth approach and more focused skills, expertise and resources. A team of academic-practitioners, supported by talented graduates will work with you over a sustained period to deliver exceptional results, using the latest technologies and resources.

All projects are professionally project managed with an affordable, transparent pricing policy.

ION Studio helps drive aspiration, increase employability, encourage and support emerging talent, whilst providing businesses with an enthusiastic approach to a range of collaborative design services, supported by a creative team and with access to cutting-edge resources and technology.

Talk to us

So if your business has a project idea or a design problem, values creativity and wants to invest in Plymouth’s vibrant, fast emerging design talent, please contact Dawn Melville – ION Studio Director. 


Telephone: +44 1752 586201