Professor Paul Brunt

Professor Paul Brunt

Director of Academic Partnerships

Academic Partnerships


Director of Academic Partnerships


1986  BSc (Hons) Geography and Landscape Studies, Southampton University                        

1990   PhD Bournemouth Polytechnic  Tourism trip decision making at the sub-regional level: With special reference to Southern England


Professional membership

1993-        Member of Tourism Society (MTS)

2002-07   Member of the Institute of Learning and Teaching / HE Academy

2007-        Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching interests

Tourism and hospitality research methods; contemporary issues in tourism; the history of tourism; tourism and crime.

Staff serving as external examiners

2005-10          BA Tourism, Oxford Brookes University

2000-05          BA Tourism, Sheffield Hallam University

1999-03          BA Tourism, University of Wales,Hereford College

1996-99          MA Tourism, Management at University of Brighton

1996-00          BA Tourism, University of Wales Institute Cardiff

Research interests

Research interests include tourism and crime and tourism research methods. Published research in the tourism and crime area including media representations of terrorist acts against tourists. Author of textbooks on research methods in tourism, hospitality and events management.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students


·        ‘The Projected and Perceived Image of Ireland as a Tourist Destination for British Travellers’ (2005) Murphy-Underhill

·        ‘The Adoption of Internet Technologies by Independent Hotels in the UK’ (2007) Lim

·        ‘Tourism and Crime whoseproblem? A Cornish Perspective’ (2008) Jones

·        ‘Caravan Second Homes: An Empirical study of Consumer Behaviour towards a Depreciating Property Asset’ (2010) -Fowler

·        ‘An evaluation of tourismcommunities and community responses to tourism and crime’ (2012) Hooton

·        ‘An empirical study into UK customer expectations of dining out in relation to meal cost’ (2012) Westhead

·        ‘The Role of Literary Texts in Tourism Destination Management’ (2015) Mansfield

·        ‘Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette: Representation, Interpretation, Perception’ (2016) Maior-Barron

·        ‘Perceptions of Risks and Barriers to Participation in Tourism for the Disabled’ (2016) Fraser (MPhil)

·        ‘The Island Image: A Means of Segmentation’ (2017) Phillips

Research groups

  • Cultural Industries

Key publications are highlighted

2013 'Tourist differentiation: Developing a typology for the winter sports market' Tourism 61, (3) 219-243
Phillips J & Brunt P 2013 'Developing a typology for the winter sports market, UK' Tourism (3) 219-243
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Brunt P 2010 'Tourism and Crime' in Botterill D; Jones T Tourism and Crime Goodfellow Pub Limited 53-66 PEARL
Brunt PR 2010 'Vulnerable Victims' in Botterill D; Jones T Tourism and Crime: Key Themes Oxford Goodfellow Publishers Limited PEARL

Other academic activities

QAA reviewer since 1999 - experience of Subject Review, Institutional Audit, Collaborative Provision Audit, Foundation Degree Review, Institutional Review, IRENI, IQER, HER, QRV, HER AP, Appeals.