Student voice

Our students' feedback is vital in channelling new ideas into the experience we offer both now and in the future. Why not hear what our students say? 

Feedback, comments and requests are collected continually through surveys, focus groups, course reps and working in partnership with our students. Take a look at how your feedback has been acted upon throughout Plymouth University.

Your feedback

National Student Survey

Aimed mainly at final-year undergraduates, this externally-run survey gathers opinions from students about their time in higher education, asking for honest feedback on what has been like to study on your course at your institution.

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Student Perception Questionnaire (SPQ)

This internal survey is for all undergraduate students not eligible for NSS, and helps the University to understand what you commend, along with areas where you think we could improve.

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Postgraduate Taught Student Survey

This internal survey is the same as the SPQ, but for postgraduate students.

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You said, we did...

  • G You asked for more hush in the Library when trying to study, we piloted and now run a Noise Alert text service after great feedback
  • ' You asked for better space for postgraduate STEM students, we refurbished space with comfy seats and a much-requested kitchenette!
  • 4 You said you wanted a more nimble digital learning platform, we delivered a new digital learning environment.
  • J You said you wanted a Mac refresh, we delivered a new fleet of Mac computers.
  • c You said you wanted longer opening hours in the Media Hub, we extended them.
  • { You said you wanted more feedback including after exams, we revised the University Assessment Policy to enable students to have feedback after each assessment.
  • % You said you wanted access to, we bought a licence for you to use it at University and at home.
  • c You asked for 24hr access to computing facilities with dedicated industry facing software, we arranged access.
  • 4 You asked for the opportunity of more online submissions, we have increased the numbers of coursework items submitted electronically.
  • . You said you wanted additional writing support, we launched the Writing Café.
  • A You said you wanted more student representation on University Committees, student representation is found at all levels of University Committee Structures.
  • ' You wanted high quality Performing Arts and Theatre provision, we delivered The House.
  • r You asked for quicker log in to computers in the Library and Babbage. We’ve upgraded the hardware on the Open Access PCs in all of the Library and Babbage Level 1 resulting in significantly faster login and application launch times in these areas.
  • ' You asked for more seats and PCs in the library, we added 60 extra study places, including 34 with PCs.

You said...

Can we have more hush in the Library when we're trying to study?

We piloted a Noise Alert Text Service and after receiving great feedback, now run this service during term time, Monday to Friday 08:30-18:00.

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UPSU - University of Plymouth Students' Union

We facilitate student representation at all levels, host the sports clubs and societies, manage campus sport facilities and provide volunteering opportunities, independent advice, entertainment, shop, accommodation, catering and bars.

UPSU is student led and democratic. The majority of our trustees are elected student officers and all of our major decisions are made by students.

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SSTAR Awards

Each year UPSU holds the prestigious SSTAR (student staff teaching and representation) Awards. These awards recognise the many excellent university staff members and dedicated students we have here at Plymouth.

Staff and students are nominated in a range of categories, from most inspirational teaching to best use of technology.

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