Call our Clearing hotline

Call our hotline to discuss your options and secure your place on one of our courses with vacancies this September.

0333 241 6929

What is Clearing?

Clearing is another opportunity for you to secure your place at university this September.

You will be able to apply through Clearing if you:

  • haven't done quite as well as you expected and you haven't met the conditions of your offers
  • haven't made a UCAS application this year
  • or if you haven't received any offers (or none that you wanted to accept).

When is Clearing?

  • Clearing opened Thursday 5 July 2018 for those who already had exam results or hold no offers.
  • Clearing officially opened on results day, Thursday 16 August 2018.
  • Clearing closes on Thursday 20 September 2018.

Call our Clearing hotline on 0333 241 6929 to speak with our Admissions team about the process and your application to study with us this September.

Opening times:

  • Monday to Thursday, 9:00–17:00
  • Friday, 9:00–16:30 

For more information and advice on Clearing please visit UCAS.

What is Adjustment?

Adjustment is the perfect chance for you to find an alternative course or place to study if you do better than you expected in your exams.

You will be eligible for Adjustment if you meet and exceed the conditions of your conditional firm choice offer.

If you try Adjustment but you don't find anything, you'll still keep the course place you gained on results day.

When is Adjustment?

Adjustment is available from Thursday 16 August 2018 until Friday 31 August 2018 and is entirely optional.

You have five 24-hour periods (including weekends) within this time to use it, starting from when your conditional firm offer changes to unconditional firm, or on A level results day – whichever is later. If your offer goes to unconditional firm less than five days before Friday 31 August 2018, you'll only have whatever time is left between then and Friday 31 August 2018.

For more information and advice on Adjustment please visit the UCAS website.

Confirm your place

UCAS Track is the best way to confirm your university place with us – it is worth checking even if you didn't meet the required grades.

We'll also send you an email on the morning of results day to confirm your place.

Enrol online

Once you have confirmed your place you will be able to enrol online by logging onto the applicant portal

Once you have completed your online enrolment and uploaded a photo of yourself, you will be able to pick up your University card from your faculty during induction week.

How to apply through Clearing

If you don't have a university place then an 'add clearing choice' button will appear on your UCAS Track screen.

You'll need to use this button once a university has made you an offer over the phone.

You can find further information about your next steps during Clearing on the UCAS website

Download a Clearing mini guide

We've compiled a helpful Clearing mini guide publication which contains student finance and university accommodation information as well as useful hints and tips for Clearing.

Download your Clearing mini guide now

Why I applied through Clearing

“I have no idea what life would be like had I not been brave enough to go through Clearing, and I am grateful that I will never know because the experiences and the people I have met at University have been priceless.”

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