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Derriford Research Facility - opening symposium

Join us to celebrate the opening of the Derriford Research Facility – the prestigious, new headquarters of the University of Plymouth’s Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine (ITSMED).

This all-day event will feature invited key-note speakers and showcase ITSMED's world-class clinical and biomedical research.

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On behalf of Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PU PSMD), it is my pleasure to introduce you to our world-class research and innovation.

Ranked first for research outputs in Clinical Medicine in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, we are an exciting, dynamic, rapidly expanding research operation with a reputation for exceptional quality. Our capabilities have been further enhanced by the construction of the Derriford Research Facility, a £17 million investment into the University’s biomedical research infrastructure, which will provide additional state-of-the-art laboratories for PU PSMD researchers and our partners.

This facility forms part of and is the headquarters for our flagship Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine (ITSMED), where research into the development of new therapeutics, diagnostics, interventions and preventative approaches is driven by our Biomedical Research Group and Clinical Trials and Population Studies Group, focusing on our core research themes of Cancer, Clinical Neuroscience and Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and cross-cutting Diagnostics, Clinical Trials and Public Health research.

Our high-impact, interdisciplinary Community and Primary Care Research, connects researchers, expertise and activity across both ITSMed and the University’s Institute for Health and Community (IHC), to investigate and evaluate treatments and preventative approaches across the healthcare sector.

Our research across health and medicine is enabled by the University of Plymouth’s UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) registered Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit (PenCTU)

Our Healthcare Education and Assessment Research, led by the Internationally renowned team at CAMERA (Collaboration for the Advancement of Medical Education Research and Assessment), facilitates improvements in patient safety and engagement through evidence-based professional education.

Central to our continuing success are the key partnerships, particularly with neighbouring University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trustfacilities and services that underpin our research and innovation activity, our skilled and dedicated academic, research, professional services and administrative staff and our exceptional research students.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Professor Adrian Taylor   Associate Dean for Research

Professor Adrian Taylor - Associate Dean for Research at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry

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