Public Research Programme

Research is at the core of everything we do at the University of Plymouth.

Our rich research culture seeks to better understand the world we live in, and – for many – make a difference that will leave it better for future generations.

We are celebrating the impact of this work by opening up the often intriguing world of research, inviting the public, researchers, businesses, and students to hear the fascinating research stories.

Introduced by Professor Jerry Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, we welcome you to our 2019 research-focused events.

Browse the events on offer and join us for captivating explorations of science, engineering, arts, culture, health, medicine and more.

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Research Festival
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Inaugural Professorial Lectures
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Public Research Lectures
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Christmas Research Lecture

Inaugural Professorial Lectures

We are delighted to present the inaugural lectures from our academics who have recently been awarded their professorship as a mark of their esteemed research.

Celebrate their accomplishments in a special evening sharing their journey so far, providing the opportunity to hear their insight into the specialist topics their high-quality research investigates.

Public Research Lectures
Changing the world one person at a time 

All are welcome to join our Public Research Lectures, where our academics open the door to their world for insightful, engaging talks on their current research.

These popular lectures are quick to fill up, so we recommend reserving your place early to avoid disappointment. 

Watch now: Coastal impacts of extreme storms in a changing climate

Launching the 2019 Public Research Lecture series, Professor in Coastal Geomorphology Gerd Masselink shares his world-leading research with a look at the coastlines on our doorstep, the damage they've endured and the steps to recovery.

Research Festival

The annual Research Festival brings together researchers from across the disciplines to showcase their leading work, inviting fellow academics, industry, students, policymakers, and the public to share their research stories.

The week-long event is a vibrant pool for collaborative opportunities, and also provides guidance on funding opportunities and industry engagement.

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