Keep an eye on this page for dates to add to your diary and join us to hear about where we are so far, the support we have in place, and the next steps in taking this initiative forward.

Future events

play  ‘Play is finding expression; it is letting us understand the world and, through that understanding, challenging the establishment, leading for knowledge, and creating new ties or breaking old ones.’ (Sicart, M. (2014) Play Matters. Cambridge: MIT Press, p. 18) 

ground  1) An area used for a specified purpose 2) An area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought 3) Factors forming a basis for action or the justification for a belief. Oxford Dictionaries (2018) ‘Ground’, available online at (Accessed 11.09.18)


Playground is at once both a shared ground for the exchange of ideas, and a space in which both existing and new ideas can be played with, their meanings and possibilities examined and explored. 

We will explore lessons arising out of work to date by collaborators and guests, and consider their potential to inform future ways of working. 

Playground brings together both University of Plymouth staff and students active in civic-based learning and development, alongside a wide range of similarly-minded external partners.

Playground will operate as a series of lunchtime events, in which invited contributors will prompt and participate in a dialogue about their practice with other players in the room. 

Attendees are asked to bring their own lunch; tea/coffee and water/juice will be provided.

Playground is part of the Urban Dialogues Network, an initiative within the Arts Institute and supported by the Centre for Sustainable Futures within the University of Plymouth.

Coming in 2019.

Past events


Urban Dialogues Network website launch

Our new website launched on Thursday 6 December.

Urban Dialogues start-up get-together

Wednesday 28 February, 13.15–14.00, Room 207, Roland Levinsky Building

There was the opportunity to join us for a short discussion, alongside tea, coffee and cake, to hear about where we were so far, the support already in place, and the next steps in taking this initiative forward.

Urban Dialogues Network launch

Thursday 19 April, 16.30–18.00 Room 206–207 Roland Levinsky Building

This event celebrated our ambitions and gave us the opportunity to discuss both the potential and challenges of our agenda. We were joined on the evening by our guest speakers who included:

  • Jackie Clift, CEO of POP Plus (Plymouth Octopus Project – powering Plymouth’s voluntary sector)
  • Hazel Stuteley OBE, Connecting Communities
  • Lynne Sullivan OBE, Royal Institute of British Architects Ambassador for Climate Change (2015–2017).