We believe in an architecture that is responsive to:

People (including considerations of culture, history, society and how and why people inhabit buildings and spaces)
Place (including considerations of climate, ecology and the man-made and natural landscape)
Tectonics (including considerations of conservation, and the craft of making)

Architecture with the University of Plymouth builds on a well-established tradition of teaching and research grounded in these concerns.

Postgraduate research


LightUp Analytics won the Premier Award in the Digital Innovation Category of the International and Research awards

Created by Julian Brooks and University of Plymouth graduate Gary Jackson, LightUp Analytics is a software plugin that gives architects crucial information about day and sunlight enabling them to optimise these for enhanced energy efficiencies.

Julian Brooks talks about the benefits of LightUp Analytics:

Architecture with Plymouth – 'InJapan' blog

The aim is to generate a vivid archive of the sights, sounds and places we take in, allowing everyone back home to follow our travels as we go! We’re all hugely excited to have the opportunity to undertake this trip so please have a read!

The group’s progress and experiences throughout our study tour of Japan will be documented day-by-day via this blog.

Take a look at the blog