Microscope image of paracetamol in crystallized form. Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen or APAP, is a medication used to treat pain and fever. Photographed in polarized light.  Image courtesy of Getty Images.

About us

Chemistry at Plymouth is recognised as a leading environment to study chemistry. 

Our BSc Chemistry degree is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry and focuses on producing professional chemists through a hands-on approach. 

We have received a range of teaching awards, with all teaching staff professionally-recognised Chemists with internationally-recognised research expertise. Our teaching is up to date and closely linked to relevant research developments. 

We have an extensive range of research-grade instrumentation which you can access throughout the course, and we nurture the skills and knowledge necessary to excel within a competitive employment field. 

In addition, our partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry provides expert career advice for young chemists. 

The chemistry laboratories at Plymouth have recently undergone a major refurbishment, ensuring a modern and extensive teaching environment to support your studies.


The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences offer scholarships for outstanding achievement. 

As part of our Potential High Achievers Scheme, we want to encourage you to continue to work hard for your exams, which are so important for your future career. 

We will reward those applicants who achieve the highest grades in their exams and demonstrate a commitment to the University of Plymouth by awarding them £1,000 when they enrol. 

We would encourage this scholarship to be spent on the final year optional field trip or towards study costs.

Students on a 2016 fieldtrip to Belize

Chemistry graduate

Chemistry alumni, Dan Coles, tells us about his journey with the University of Plymouth, as well as his career to date.

Graduate profile

Studying at Plymouth was a chance to go beyond my country, to broaden my horizons and become more independent.
Wing Sum So's profile

Graduate profile

The chemistry degree at Plymouth really gave me all the attributes I needed for my career.
Kevin Williams' profile


Chemistry at Plymouth has a long research history in the area of environmental modelling and biogeochemical processes and uses interdisciplinary approaches and novel analytical techniques to deliver world class research.

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