Degrees with foundation years

What is a foundation year?

A foundation year forms part of a four-year degree and provides the understanding and basis needed to embark on the full degree, for those that have had a break in study, have qualifications other than A levels for consideration or did not get the grades they hoped for in their A levels.

We have been running foundation programmes for over 25 years with an outstanding record for retention and success. 

We invite applications from those that have a break in study, or have qualifications other than A levels for consideration.

Why choose a four-year degree with a foundation year?

Foundation year courses at the University of Plymouth offer students from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets an avenue into a wide variety of degrees that have traditionally been out of reach.

In our experience, the additional foundation year gives students the opportunity to grow academically and personally in a university environment. This allows students more time to reinforce and complement existing understanding and perform to their full potential over the course of the four-year degree.

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<p>Waterfalls at Sigöldugljúfur Canyon, Iceland<br></p>
Placing an emphasis on developing understanding and logical thought, explore our science and engineering courses with a foundation year
<p>humanities book cover</p>
Gain confidence and enrich your love of learning by studying English, creative writing, or history foundation-year courses

Full list of courses with a foundation year

“The best part of the course for me was the confidence it gave me. I wasn't sure getting into university was something I'd be able to do. It's an immense sense of achievement.”

Harry talks about the foundation year and how it prepared him for a degree in robotics, engineering or mathematics.